There has been lots of talk lately on the Internet about various ways of increasing the size of your penis and surgery has definitely been confirmed as the only 100 percent effective solution. However, surgery comes with a set of risks that a great majority of men simply isn’t ready to take. Just like with all surgeries, especially on such sensitive organs like the penis, there is always the risk of something going not according to plan and this is one place where you really don’t want anything to go awry.

This is why there are so many other solutions for this particular issue offered by various companies all over the web. There are vacuum pumps, various medicines in the form of pills and gels and last but not least, various types of penis extenders which rely on stretching of the body of your penis in a similar way in which you would stretch out your muscles by working out with weights in a gym. This last method has been proven to be the most effective non-surgical solution and this is why there are many different products that offer this type of increase.

One company in particular called Size Genetics Enlargement Device offers its product with something that they call a 180 day no risk guarantee and this has caught my eye so I decided to investigate further. These guys claim that they will not ask you any questions if you for any reason decide to return their product in the first six months of use. For me, this sounds like a fair deal and because of it the best way to find out more about Enlargement Device and their product in detail is to order it and try it out.

I have to say that I don’t have a small penis, but I also wouldn’t be a guy if I didn’t want to have at least an extra inch in length and this is the main reason why I am investigating this particular type of product. However, just like with many other types of merchandise sold over the Internet, there are always plenty of good reviews available on various forums and blogs, but you always have to take these with a dose of reserve because you never know who actually wrote them and if that someone is in some way related to the company selling that product.

I usually tend to ignore all the information provided about the product on the main site of the company because, of course that they will say all the best things about their own thing. I go straight to the various forums where there is no sales pitch, and in the case of Enlargement Device it has also been an interesting read full of good reviews. But all of this reading aside, I still think that the six month no questions asked money back guarantee is the best way to find out more about Enlargement Device and I will definitely order the product to get to know it and its effectiveness first hand.