These days I read a lot of modern medicine and the brake troughs it brings. Various genetic studies have delivered a very radical and drastically solution for the problems regarding the human body. Nowadays we have Enlargement Device research, Physical attributes gene therapy and many others. You can submit your body to the white coats and receive a high risk experimental therapy that can make your reflexes faster, your eye-hand coordination better and not to mention size modifying therapies. Imagine the world where you could alter all that you don’t like on yourself in just matter of days. The sex change operations that are performed all around the world were the rock that started an avalanche of gene experimentation.

Even though this is very radical it can be just what we need in order to evolve as a species. In the World War 2 the German doctors and scientists have performed brutal and sadistic experiments on human subjects in order to make a perfect soldier, a pyre blood German etc. Even though these abominations were highly judged in our civil society we can’t deny the results. Many of the modern surgical procedures wouldn’t be possible today if we did not have the documents from German doctors.

The main reason is because the pain tolerance for humans would remain unknown and nobody would try the majority of operations simply because it’s unethical and cruel. So that is why I say that it’s a good thing to experiment on genes and alterations of the human body. All of the organ transplants couldn’t be possible if we did not developed meds that stop the body from rejecting the organ. And all of these meds are based on gene studies.

So today we can modify or height for example and that is something that Enlargement Device is working on, simply to help people. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and what king of miracles are in store for us. Science was never with ought sacrifices and it was always intended to make the man prosper and evolve. But many wouldn’t agree with me, mainly the people who believe in Gods final judgment and heaven and hell. They are the main army that stops the genetics research and they won’t listen to arguments.

Naturally not all of the god lowing folk want this to stop. It’s mainly fanatics that even though they see all of the suffering around then, they still won’t do anything. It’s a bit sad actually. The bases of any religion is love and helping others, but in reality its nothing more than just sitting around doing nothing to help. So maybe not in our lifetime, but who knows, maybe our children will be able to be born with a resistance to viruses, or radiation or many other things that constantly reduce the populace of this planet. It’s the way of the future and I say that we must push forward the limits of both our body and mind. So I say Enlargement Device, the way of prosperity.