About four weeks ago I started using the new penis extender product that I ordered called Enlargement Device and I have to say that even with such a short period of time passed, I am ecstatic about the results that I have witnessed so far. There are no other ways to say it, and even though I think that Enlargement Device requires lots of dedication and long term use, it also does deliver effects in the short term as well! I had measured my penis before I even decided to order Enlargement Device and it was 6.5 inches long.

Although I have never thought about myself as being too small, I am a guy after all and like all guys, I wouldn’t mind it one bit if my tool was a couple of inches longer. I also ran into some lose money at the time, purely by accident so I didn’t want to jinx my good luck and decided to spend it all just as randomly as I ran into it. I sat down one evening and started browsing the web for some silly way to spend some cash and accidentally I ran into the Enlargement Device website and presentation.

The prospect of increasing the size of my tool sounded okay and I also liked the 180 day money back guarantee that they offered with the product. What the hell, even if the product doesn’t deliver, I would get my cash back in six months so it was a win win situation for me. Within only days I was already unpacking my Enlargement Device set and admiring the fine craftsmanship and materials that went into creating it. The whole thing was still sort of a feeling like joke for me and I wasn’t really expecting any actual gain from it, maybe just a couple of laughs. But when I checked out the contents of the set, I decided that I was going to follow the strict regimen as prescribed in the included penis exercise video and in the printed instruction materials.

Just as I expected, I found it to be a little bit uncomfortable at first because you have to strap it on really tight, but then I tried out a couple of different extensions and soon I found a suitable combination of tightening and pressure. I have to admit that the device is now on me as I write this text and I seem to have completely gotten used to the sensation, so much so in fact that a couple of nights ago I even slept with my Enlargement Device on and actually I woke the following morning with a good night’s sleep behind me.

I understand that the key here is consistency and in long term use, that much is clear. It’s just like you would have to keep up with any other exercise regimen for any other part of your body. But already I can see results, both when I am fully erected and when I am in my flaccid state and even though this whole thing might have started as a joke, it’s gotten pretty serious.