Lately I have been looking into various ways of increasing penis size, not because I was feeling inadequate or anything, but simply because the society itself today is so intensely focused on the question of size that it’s essentially very hard to feel good about yourself and believe in the old saying that it’s not the size that counts but how you use it. Even the ladies, regardless of how supportive some of them might be, really have to admit that bigger is better. This has got me thinking and I decided to see what types of advances modern science has to offer in the field of making your member bigger.

I decided to rule out surgery at the very beginning of my quest to find something that might work, simply because I couldn’t really picture myself handing over my Johnson to some guy with a knife, regardless of how highly skilled and well educated he might be. The next option I considered were the various models of penis pumps that are available on the market right now. I started reading up on those and saw that various people have mostly come to the same conclusion, that they essentially only have short term effects and that they very hardly achieve any type of permanent increase in size.

They are mostly focused on fighting erectile dysfunction anyway, and not on the matter of size. I have to say here that I didn’t even need to read up on the effectiveness of various crèmes and pills to know that none of them actually work, but I did so anyway and turned out to be completely right about them. However, this is when I ran into a whole new category of products called penile extenders.

These are basically small contraptions that you wear on your penis and in time they offer an increase in size. One product in particular came to my attention. It is called Enlargement Device and it seems to be the best that the industry currently has to offer. The process on which Enlargement Device relies on is often compared to training the muscles in your body with weights. Lifting weights basically stretches the muscle, allowing for more cellular division and in turn an increase in size and the same goes for wearing the Enlargement Device device on your penis.

The increase in cellular division means that the cells will be able to hold more blood and this in turn means that you will gain length. Enlargement Device seems to be a globally marketed and well accepted product both in the US and in the rest of the world and there are numerous third party clinical studies results that show that it is entirely safe and very effective in increasing size and in some cases even the girth. All in all, Enlargement Device is definitely the safest and most effective, non-surgical method of enlarging the penis and thus is the way I feel the safest in selecting of all the other alternatives offered on the market today.