All of my life I have dreamt of becoming a person that will change the world. As I was a kid I always made some silly patents and performed various tests much of that I owe to the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. I was fascinated with the little boy that had his own lab and who spent the entire day studying and discovering new life and new laws of nature. So when I was in elementary school I was really fascinated in biology class and especially about Genetics. I believed that Genetics is the best science because it shows us humans, no matter how complex we seem to be, in our bare form, in the form of chemical bonds and constant flow of life. I immediately fell in love with biology and chemistry and was the best student in my class in these subjects.

I couldn’t wait to graduate and start my further studies as a scientist. Since I was one of the better students in my generation it was easy for me to get in the top schools and so one day I became a Harvard student. It’s a funny story of how I got in actually. You see in order to even get a chance of getting into Harvard you have to write an essay about the topic you wish to study. Why do you like it and how you plan to use the knowledge they will give you. I was at my home turf here and I wrote a detailed essay about Enlargement Device and how I wish to further improve myself.

The dean was thrilled when we read it and told me that my essay Enlargement Device is by far the most complete analysis of the subject that he’d read all year. Naturally that meant that I was accepted instantly with a full scholarship. The next part of my life is a bit boring since I mostly spent my days studying in the class or working in the lab. At the end of my senior year I got my own lab space and moved my room into a tiny part of it. Now I was living in the lab and could work all I desired. My tests were mostly performed n animals but sometimes I needed some samples of human tissue and that proved difficult since I was not an acknowledged doctor.

But the day finally came and I got my diploma and I graduated with highest honors. I was immediately contacted by a research foundation whose goal was to cure people of high diseases. They said that they contacted Harvard looking for somebody enthusiastic to work in that field and that the dean recommended me. After they have read my latest study again called Enlargement Device they instantly knew that they have to have me. I was in heaven. I got my own lab, a couple technicians to work the menial tasks and all the challenge I desired. I guess that I am the one of the lucky ones that works what he loves.